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Meet Rodger

Workforce Challenge

Rodger stated that losing his job was like losing his identity. “To me, our identity is what we do…being unemployed, it just takes your identity away from you,” he said, “The hardest thing was not being able to produce a product.” For Rodger being unemployed was a new thing and the four months he was unemployed were very depressing for him and his family.

Workforce Solution

Rodger wanted to give credit to Frederick County’s Workforce Services for helping him stay positive and motivated during this tough time of being unemployed. Rodger began to take advantage of their services the week after he lost his job. He took resume-writing classes and brushed up on his Excel and Word skills. Rodger found the resume classes helpful because so much had changed since the last time he wrote one. Learning that some employers use scanners to search resumes for key words and might not even look at resumes without those words was particularly eye-opening, he said.

Outcomes & Benefits

Rodger applied for work at many furniture dealers and found he was competing with younger applicants. Rodger interviewed at International Import Designs and the interviewer was struck by how honest and professional he seemed. Rodger was hired in April of 2013 with International Import Designs in Columbia. He became the Vice President of commercial sales and marketing at the furniture store. Things turned out well for Rodger and he thanks Workforce Services for helping him in a time of need.

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