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Meet George

Workforce Challenge

In March 2014, staff referred Mr. Coates to the Job Center’s intensive services. He had been laid-off from his last position because of a restructuring at his place of employment. As an experienced engineer, George had been having interviews with some regularity but had been unable to secure employment. Mr. Coates approached MontgomeryWorks in the hopes of addressing a deficit in Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Certification or Helpdesk Support Certification, as he had been told he was under-qualified without those certifications.

Workforce Solution

Mr. Coates worked closely with his Certified Training Specialist (CTS) to strengthen and improve his résumé – emphasizing his skills and making them more visible as well as creating stronger and more detailed accomplishment statements. His CTS conducted mock interview with him in which he needed to respond to difficult questions, such as explaining the circumstances under which he was let go. Finally, Mr. Coates attended the workshops that his CTS recommended.

Being proactive in keeping his skills up-to-date, George built a UNIX box at home on which to practice and took an SQL tutorial etc. In seeking WIA funding, he identified a training provider which allowed students to audit the class again if they felt the need. Mr. Coates actively pursued skills-improvement and employment while taking a WIA-funded Oracle class online. His hard work paid-off – within ten days of completing his class, Mr. Coates was offered a position with a company with whom he had been corresponding.

Outcomes & Benefits

Subsequently, Mr. Coates emailed his CTS with the “good news” that he had been offered a position as IT Support Specialist: Application Management making $100,000 per year with benefits. He was particularly excited because they would continue to train him. He stated, “I appreciate all that you've done and how hard your efforts were in helping me obtain employment. I couldn't have done it without your tireless effort and guidance.”

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