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Meet Deborah

Workforce Challenge

Ms. Davis-Scruggs sought help from the Job Center in the fall of 2012. She had been working part-time as a hairdresser making $7.75 per hour but was homeless. Her dream was to become a certified nursing assistant, to consolidate her years of experience caring for elderly people into a formal certification, and find a job in the healthcare field.

Workforce Solution

Deborah’s bright and determined attitude did not let her current homelessness be a barrier to her proposed career change. Having a “misdemeanor offense” in her background, she received guidance from the ReBound Team at the Center regarding how to expunge her criminal record which would have been detrimental to her future success.

Working closely with staff, Ms. Davis-Scruggs re-created her résumé and researched the best training provider for her desired Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training. She also volunteered at a senior home to obtain some experience. In June 2013, Davis-Scruggs received training for the CNA/GNA (Geriatric Nursing Assistant) certificate and passed her licensing exam. Concurrently, she secured safe, permanent housing.

Outcomes & Benefits

Deborah was proactive and actively researched potential employers even prior to training completion. She gained employment with one of those researched healthcare agencies and, as of October 2013, made $10.50 an hour working between 30 to 40 hours a week with a guaranteed pay raise in early 2014.

Ms. Davis-Scruggs indicated she couldn’t be happier with her good fortune in finding MontgomeryWorks and the services received. She is happy to share her story, hence showing her appreciation for MontgomeryWorks.

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