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Meet Sonya

Workforce Challenge

On April 1st, 2014, Sonya Brewster came to the One Stop Job Market in Salisbury to register with the Maryland Workforce Exchange. She had just been laid off from her job as a production clerk for a plant in Cambridge, MD. Once enrolled in MWE, Sonya utilized the website to reactivate her resume and begin the job searching process. After looking into account, I determined that her resume could use a little more content, so I scheduled her to come back for a resume consultation the next day.

Workforce Solution

During our scheduled consultation an April 2, 2014, we discussed Ms. Brewster's employment background. It was already noted on her resume that she worked as a Production Clerk. But what wasn't made public was Ms. Brewster's prior experience in the food service and customer service industries. Two fields that she was interested in applying for jobs in. Also not noted on her resume was her clerical and organization experience. After learning that she had performed these skills before in previous employment situations, I then helped Ms. Brewster craft a resume that not only detailed her most recent job as a Production Clerk, but also her prior experience working in the food service industry.

Outcomes & Benefits

After applying at multiple places throughout the Salisbury area using her updated resume, Ms. Brewster finally landed an interview with a new restaurant opening soon called "The Cook Out." After going through the interview process, Ms. Brewster was hired in early June to serve as an Assistant Manager. She currently is in training for this position and attributes the help she received from the Salisbury DWDAL office as key to her landing this new career opportunity.

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