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Meet Darryl

Workforce Challenge

Mr. Riley sought the services of MontgomeryWorks after having been terminated from his two-year position as a Case Aide with a men’s shelter. He was hoping the Reentry Program could provide some assistance for him to re-train for another career.

Darryl wanted work in the healthcare field; however, his training specialist advised that his “felony charge” may be a barrier to his success in that area and suggested he consider careers in which folks with criminal backgrounds have found more success, such as commercial driving or construction. He turned down the suggestion as he thought it didn’t suit his personality.

Workforce Solution

Mr. Riley worked closely with staff on his résumé and job search/networking strategies, diligently taking all the job readiness workshops offered by MontgomeryWorks. He was also very active in career and labor market research, yet his criminal record got in his way. He attended job fairs, recruitments, and followed-up on all referrals he obtained from his CTS, yet he remained unsuccessful. On the verge of being offered a job as a transit drive, Darryl was turned down for the position because of his tainted background check. Riley was devastated but remained hopeful. He continued to update his CTS about his progress. Finally, in November 2013, he shared that he had an interview with another transit company.

Outcomes & Benefits

In a follow-up call to Mr. Riley, the training specialist learned he had done well during the interview and had been offered a position as a bus operator, contingent upon his passing a background check and obtaining his CDL Learner’s Permit. Riley was informed he would be reimbursed for his CDL Permit based on his obtaining the position. The customer called the CTS in early December to share the good news that he had been hired, in spite of his criminal background. The employer had decided to give him a chance, offering him a salary of $17.83 an hour – more than he made at his last position ($12.25).

Riley was extremely grateful and said he could not thank the staff at the Job Center enough for their encouragement and support during his transition. He said he will continue to refer people to MontgomeryWorks American Job Center to take advantage of all of the services the Center offers.

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