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Meet Commillus

Workforce Challenge

Mr. Woodard, a U.S. Army veteran and a resident of Prince George's County, was renting a room in someone’s home. Commillus is a proud to be a very active father of a small child. He was unemployed only four months when he began his job search process with the Laurel Regional Workforce Center (LRWC). Mr. Woodard is a motivated chef and manager with over twenty years' experience in the food industry. Local Veteran Employment Representative (LVER) Lynnette V. Lynn-Horton of the LRWC provided services, and together they re-developed his resume for referral and/or direct hire, all-the-while engaging in case management for job development and housing resources.

Workforce Solution

Mr. Woodard was highly motivated to find employment and housing especially because of his son -- his situation did not appear to be a major barrier for him. He was very active in the LRWC, working closely with the LVER at least once a week to search for employment and housing. Commillus was referred to the Community Resource & Resource Center with Dr. Miranda Nance, LCSW, to discuss housing opportunities with transitional housing through the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Outcomes & Benefits

In March 2014, Commillius gained employment with an assisted living agency in Upper Marlboro, MD, as the head chef. He resides in transitional housing with a program called Renewed Hope and will be moving into his new apartment by July 20, 2014. Staff a the LRWC tremendously enjoyed been a pleasure working with Mr. Woodard -- they state his motivation and determination have motivated them. Mr. Woodard plans to seek a federal bonding letter with the ex-offender program for his future, as he states, “[The federal bonding letter] would simply be nice to have.”

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