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Meet Mitch

Workforce Challenge

Mitch is a former Severstal/RG Steel worker who came to the Workforce Development Center on April 2, 2014, requesting services as a Severstal/RG Steel dislocated worker. He was denied benefits but was qualified for training.

Workforce Solution

Tondi Correll became Mitch’s caseworker on April 11, 2014 and he discussed going to ITT for education as an Electrical Technician. He was interested in installing alarms but he did not seem directly focused on the field. Mitch stated he had some electrical knowledge and had worked for a friend doing electrical work. Tondi showed him how to search for jobs through the MWEJOBS site and requested that he does labor market research for alarm installer positions. In doing this research, Mitch realized that most alarm companies have on the job training and the income was on the lower side based on the time and cost of the schooling.

Mitch did further research on jobs and the labor market. He looked into elevator installers, repair and inspectors. He thoroughly researched the elevator field and the apprenticeship programs. He was rather excited about the field, but there were no schools in Maryland. However, he did find one out of state. He contacted that school and received information about the school but was hesitant about going out of state. To further assist Mitch, Tondi suggested that he contact The State of Maryland Elevator Inspector Office at DLLR to gather some information; which he did. The Elevator Inspector at DLLR gave him information about his job and the process that he had to go through to be employed as an elevator inspector. Mitch realized that the school he was looking at was not ‘quick training’ and he currently has no income coming in. He decided to look for jobs through MWE and also explore certificate programs.

During one of Tondi and Mitch’s many conversations, Tondi found out that Mitch just lost his girlfriend as she passed away and he was having a hard time functioning. Tondi referred him to the Workforce Investment Act/National Emergency Grant (WIA/NEG funding) for counseling services that could possibly assist him.

Outcomes & Benefits

Mitch contacted Tondi June 1, 2014 and stated that he found a great position with Modular Genus. Mitch said he would contact Tondi if the job does not work out or if he finds that he needs training. Tondi plans to continue to follow up with him if he needs assistance.

The purpose of our office is to assist the customer to become re-employed by training and/or job search assistance. The job search assistance was the key to re-employment in this case.

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