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Meet Mary

Workforce Challenge

Mary has been struggling to find employment that will provide her a paycheck to make ends meet. The jobs she has recently taken have been seasonal part-time at minimum wage. She felt her past experience as an administrative assistant and bus driver, due to the lapse in time, were hampering her ability to gain employment in these fields. She is at the point of losing her home and came into the Career Center in desperation--seeking any kind of assistance the Job Center could provide.

Workforce Solution

When Mary came into the One Stop Job Market she received many services such as:

1. Resume Review - suggested we create a resume that brings to the fore-front her experiences based on the job at hand (as opposed to providing an antiquated work history based resume)

2. Interest Profile - suggested she take the ONET Interest Profiler, then discussed how the results matched up to the jobs she previously held

As she had previously applied to Shore Transit, and had received an interview, we decided to revamp her resume to the job, and then I had Susan Willey provide interview skills practice, as Mary felt that is why she didn't get the job the first time around. I also suggested she talk to one of the bus drivers to see what they might did they get through the interview?

Outcomes & Benefits

Mary submitted her newly revised resume with her application, she got called in for the interview, and because she had practiced with Susan and had a resume detailing what she was bringing to the job to be successful, she has been hired as a driver/dispatcher for Tri-County Shore Transit.

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