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Baltimore County Office of Workforce Development

Meet Mr. Johnson

Workforce Challenge

Mr. Johnson had been unemployed since 2009; he was laid off from Constellation Energy. Mr. Johnson was referred to the Mobile Career Center (MCC) by Baltimore County Child Support Enforcement and Baltimore County Circuit Court.

Workforce Solution

When Mr. Johnson visited the MCC he received assistance with Résumé critique and revision, Job Search advice, and various resource information. He was re-enrolled in the MWE system; he had been in the system since 2004. He was provided an overview of our services as well as MWE and encouraged him to stay involved with our centers. Additionally, Mr. Johnson had his résumé reviewed and he sent an electronic copy via e-mail. In turn, he was provided a detailed critique and sent Mr. Johnson a revised résumé via e-mail. Mr. Johnson had a good foundation for his previous chronologically formatted résumé but the employment gap was very obvious to the reader (prospective employer). It was suggested that the document be revised to show what he was doing with his time during the layoff and effectively communicate the value he would offer to an organization in the upper third of the document. As a result, the time gap was closed on his résumé. Mr. Johnson obtained an AA Degree during his employment layoff and also pursued a B.A. Mr. Johnson was also a stay at home parent. This information was placed in a category within a chronological format. It was also suggested that Mr. Johnson expand his job search to include public sector employment. He enrolled on Numerous employment postings via e-mail for private and public sector employment were sent to Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson consistently utilized MWE as well as the Workforce Development Centers for his job search, until he secured employment. Mr. Johnson participated in center employment recruitment to include Verizon and Toyota Financial.

Outcomes & Benefits

Mr. Johnson had four interviews with Toyota Financial and accepted an employment offer from them. Mr. Johnson interviewed for the Customer Service Associate position, which was the position that was advertised in the recruitment. However, Mr. Johnson stated that during the interview process, they felt his extensive experience would be a good fit for their collections department. As a result, he was offered a position in collections. Mr. Johnson sent his case manager a “thank you” email regarding the services that he received at Workforce Development. The following is an excerpt from Mr. Johnson’s letter: “After many job fairs, hundreds of résumés sent and rejection letters, Maryland Workforce Development was a Godsend! You and your colleagues need to know that you are helping to perform a valuable service and I am a success story.I will never forget this experience and will tell all about this wonderful service being offered.” Mr. Johnson started working in April of 2014!

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