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Eastpoint Workforce Development Center

Meet Matina

Workforce Challenge

Martina resigned from her waitressing position and found she was not eligible to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits. With no income coming in, Ms. Mouzakis visited the Eastpoint Workforce Development Center and expressed a desire to learn the nursing field from the ground floor so she could embark in a career change.

Workforce Solution

Working alongside her Career Consultant, Mr. Brown, Matina was able to take advantage of the various services and resources available through the Job Center including Intensive Services, Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funded training, and job search and résumé assistance.

Outcomes & Benefits

In less than a year of working on her goals designed by she and Mr. Brown, Ms. Mouzakis successfully earned certified nursing and geriatric nursing assistant certifications as well as a medication technician certification. She was empowered to make a career change and began working for a local assisted living facility in October. Most wonderful of all - she loves her new position!

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