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Meet Candy...

Workforce Challenge

Candy K. was employed, but seeking new employment within the administrative sector. She had previously owned a bar, but really wanted employment outside of that industry. Candy was unsure exactly how to position her brand in order to reflect her diverse skill set and past administrative work experience. So, she ultimately sought guidance regarding employment marketability and résumé critique to secure an administrative position.

Workforce Solution

The Baltimore County Public Library-North Point Branch referred Candy to the Mobile Career Center (MCC) for assistance. She was able to receive résumé critique and revision assistance as well as help with developing a cover letter. Additionally, Candy received MWE assistance, employment leads as well as referrals to the professional development seminars offered at the Workforce Development Centers in partnership with the Community College of Baltimore County. Although Candy held prior administrative positions, she had recently worked in the restaurant/bar industry and really needed to make some strides in her current position which would convey leadership and success.

Outcomes & Benefits

A professional profile was created and it was suggested that Candy use it to target positions of interest. In essence, we recommended that she “tailor” the résumé for each position and application, to effectively communicate her specific as well as transferable skills. This past October, Candy received and accepted a full-time employment offer as a Safety Administrator with the Utility Line Corporation.

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