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Workforce Challenge

I teach a required workshop for unemployment benefit recipients who I contact by mail from a list downloaded from the Unemployment Office. Typically customers attend reluctantly and at 4-6 weeks into their unemployment. One customer who attended gave this feedback . "When I lost my job my company provided me with 3 months of outplacement help from a local agency. I feel like I got more out of your one day workshop than I did from 3 months of what their agency provided."

Workforce Solution

1. Overview of job search trends, free resources, training and personal assistance available.
2. Opportunity to network with other job hunters.
3. Instruction on: job search strategies, networking, resume writing, LinkedIn, and interviewing.
4. Assessment activities related to achievements and professional value.
5. Opportunity for next day membership in social media group.
6. Opportunity to schedule appointment with individual employment consultant for job search counseling and training placement services.
7. Free handouts on all topics included in workshop.

Outcomes & Benefits

1. Increased confidence in employability.

2. LinkedIn profile critique.

3. Increased knowledge of job seeking strategies, including current trends in resume writing and interviewing.

4. Actual connections to hiring managers at local employers.

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