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Workforce Challenge

Clyde H., a machine operator, suddenly found himself unemployed and seeking employment after his employer of almost 7 years announced that the Standard Register Company in Salisbury would be closing. A high school graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from Wor Wic Community College, Clyde began researching the local labor market and discovered that his opportunities for employment in his area of training or as a machine operator were limited due to a lack of experience, needing a higher degree, or jobs not available in the area.

Workforce Solution

While utilizing services available at the One Stop Job Market in Salisbury, including job search and resume assistance, he and other former employees of Standard Register were notified that the company was TRADE certified. Clyde attended the orientation made available to the dislocated workers and chose to attend CDL Class A Truck Driver training at Wor Wic Community College. Clyde completed additional labor market and career research including contacting employers, the qualifications of the occupation, and how much he can expect to earn. After completing all requirements for acceptance into the eight week training course, he was afforded an opportunity “to achieve my dreams of becoming a truck driver.” Consequently, Clyde was able to complete the course and obtain, after two (2) attempts, a CDL Class A Driver’s License.

Clyde adds, "Back in April of 2014, Standard Register announced they were closing their Salisbury Plant. Faced with a not so hot job market, I turned to The One Stop Job Market for help. Right from the beginning Wanda Mumford and Crystal Reichenberg were busy helping to fine-tune my resume, so I could land that perfect job. After weeks of trying to land a job unsuccessfully, I turned to The One Stop Job Market again. This was when I was told about a program called, "The Trade Act of 1974," that I qualified for from being laid off at Standard Register. I decided to fulfill my dreams of becoming a truck driver.

I thought that going to Wor-Wic Commercial Truck Driver Training would be easy, but nothing could have been further from the truth. With the encouragement and help from Wanda and Crystal, I was able to graduate from Wor Wic Driving School and obtain my Class A license.

I was recently hired by Chaney Enterprises and started the job of my dreams on March 23, 2015. Thank You, One Stop Job Market!”

Clyde H.

Outcomes & Benefits

Clyde successfully completed the CDL Class A Truck Driver program and obtained a CDL Class A Driver’s License. He is employed full-time at Chaney Enterprises in Cambridge, Maryland as a truck driver, effective March 23, 2015, with a starting salary of $33,000 plus benefits.

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