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Carroll County Business & Employment Resource Center

Meet Jane...

Workforce Challenge

Jane has an excellent background in editing and publishing, a field currently experiencing significant downsizing. While she had excellent communication skills, she came to our center seeking help with her job search and creating updated materials. Jane was very diligent in seeking jobs both in her field and outside it -- with very little success...

Workforce Solution

We provided her with individual and group assistance with job search topics including interviewing, resume writing, networking, assessment and career research. We guided her on the timing and follow-up of applications and referred her to the Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE). She attended many of the workshops taught at the Center, submitted her resume for critique, and maxed out all that could be done for her.

Outcomes & Benefits

Jane looked and applied for a job on the MWE and never gave up on the company in which she was originally interested -- even though the original position was offered to someone else. The company was so interested in her that after several months, referred her to a position she did not know about. She applied, interviewed and was offered the job!

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