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Charles County One-Stop Career Center

Meet Deborah...

Workforce Challenge

Like so many others, Deborah found herself suddenly and un-expectantly unemployed. Facing almost the unbeatable odds, she began the job search process. Deborah must have submitted hundreds of resumes with no results, she did not receive one phone call or interview.

Workforce Solution

Deborah was fortunately introduced to the Charles County One-Stop Career Center in Leonardtown, MD. She signed up for the, “Federal Government Job Search Class,” offered at the Center. During this learning opportunity she listened carefully and went home to begin her new job search utilizing all of the tips she learned at the USA JOBS workshop. Considering the difficult and time-consuming process in applying for federal employment, Deborah worked hard to achieve her goals.

Outcomes & Benefits

Within three (3) months, Deborah had three (3) Federal Government Job interviews and was hired as an Information Technology Systems Analyst! In her own words she said, “It was absolutely amazing and I am forever grateful to Marivic and all of the staff at the Charles County One-Stop Career Center in Leonardtown, MD”.

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