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Meet Carleen...

Workforce Challenge

Carleen was employed as an RN with a local healthcare facility, but was seeking other opportunities. Prior to her current position, Carleen was a stay at home parent with extensive volunteer activities. Carleen had been concerned that she had been out of the job market too long and therefore wasn’t sure how to explain her employment gaps prior to the 2013 Registered Nurse position. In addition, Carleen was also seeking information on effective job search strategies that would be helpful in reaching her employment goals.

Workforce Solution

The staff referred Carleen to a Career Coach with the Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) Project R.E.A.C.H. Program. The coach discussed career opportunities at JHH as well their application process. Carleen’s résumé and supporting documents were revised in order to help promote the value of her brand to prospective employers. The résumé format was adjusted from chronological to combination in order to highlight her healthcare experience as well as Carleen’s extensive volunteer outreach within the community. We recommended that Carleen expand her employment search to include public sector opportunities. Additionally, it was recommended that Carleen create an account and search for local government positions that were applicable to her skill set.

Outcomes & Benefits

Carleen applied for a position as a Public Health Nurse. She received and accepted an employment offer from this application, and began work in May.

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