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Meet Matthew

Workforce Challenge

Matthew was unable to find employment because of a lack of recent work experience. His last job was in 2008 in Michigan as an electrical apprentice. Since that time, he had been working on his mother’s farm and doing odd jobs for neighbors. He attended Towson University and earned his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (IT) in 2014. However, he had still been unable to find work as employers saw that he had no experience in the IT field and had not been employed for 7 years.

Workforce Solution

The job leads Matthew provided were asking for specific certifications of which he had none. He requested assistance with training to obtain A+, Net +, and Security + certifications. He was able to receive the necessary certifications that today’s IT industry deem necessary by attending the Cyber Security Specialist Certification at Towson University.

Outcomes & Benefits

Matthew began working in May of 2016, before he completed the training at Towson University. Matthew successfully passed all exams to receive his certifications. Dunbar hired him as an Apprentice Technician and informed him that once he receives his certifications he would be considered for more advanced positions as they became available.

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