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Meet Melinda

Workforce Challenge

Melinda came into JobSource as a single parent who had never worked and was being supported by her mother and community resources. Melinda lacked confidence and the necessary soft skills she needed to interview well. Child care was an obstacle for her as well as she was responsible for the care of both her child and her sister's.

Workforce Solution

Melinda visited JobSource American Job Center (AJC) where she was able to assess her needs and verify her eligibility for enrollment into the Youth and Young Adult Program. Melinda stated, "My dream is to someday own my own bakery and pursue my passion for baking." She and an employee from the AJC discussed some of her personal barriers and ways that she can overcome some things that were causing her stress. Overtime, Melinda and the employee continued to meet and the employee began to see Melinda smile, laugh, and really show that she enjoyed what Jobsource was doing for her. The AJC employee stated, “Once we worked through some of her barriers and discussed ways she can manage these barriers we were able to work effectively and move on to job skills.” Melinda was assisted with job searching and reviewing her applications. She was given access to interview skills and self-confidence building activities. This helped her prepare for real life job interviews. She was enrolled in End Hunger program in Calvert County where she successfully completed and graduated with Safeserv in June 2016.

Outcomes & Benefits

Melinda was also enrolled into JobSource’s Summer Program so that she could gain some experience in the workforce. She had the opportunity to connect with St. Marys Nursing center where she was able to interview for a dietary position and was hired as a summer intern. During the Summer Employment program, Cheri Swailes at St. Marys Nursing Center kept in close communication with JobSource on the progress and challenges Melinda was having so that we could work on these things during her visits at the office. Working together as a team Melinda became such a confident and dedicated worker at the Nursing Center. The staff really appreciated her enthusiasm and energy she brought into work and offered her a full time position at the Nursing center after she ended the summer program. She is still with St. Marys Nursing center and looking to expand her career by attending school at CSM in the near future.

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