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Meet William

Workforce Challenge

When the daily commute to Pennsylvania and the strenuous nature of the work became too much, William and his employer severed their relationship. Having worked as an automotive technician, William wanted to work closer to home and change career fields.

Workforce Solution

William worked on his résumé, career planning, interviewing, networking strategies, as well as attending career development workshops. William began working with Ms. Munroe, where he expressed interest in changing career fields.
With work experience in the automotive industry, William wanted to transition into a facilities management/maintenance technician role. He was very interested in WIOA training; however, budgetary constraints limited access.
Since William was not able to secure WIOA funding at the time, Ms. Munroe and he focused on his résumé, job search strategies, networking and interviewing skills. Ms. Munroe encouraged William to test his newly revised résumé as he waited for the availability of training funds.

Outcomes & Benefits

By working to highlight William’s transferable skills, he was able to meet his employment goal without training, as he was offered a position with Turf Valley Resort. William began his position as a full-time Maintenance Technician in October. In addition, he was able to secure this position at his desired salary. He met all of his employment goals without the use of training funds.

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