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Meet Shanay

Workforce Challenge

Shanay was homeless and a resident at Sarah’s Hope at Hannah More shelter. Shanay was unemployed and seeking employment opportunities to help facilitate her moving out of the shelter. She had some barriers including the lack of a high school diploma or GED and she relies on public transportation.

Workforce Solution

Shanay visited the Mobile Career Center (MCC) in September 2017, at Sarah's Hope and requested assistance with her résumé, as well as information on employment leads. We re-enrolled Shanay in MWE and made her active in the Wagner Peyser program. Shanay's work experience included food service and retail. We developed a résumé that targeted food service and cashier positions. We printed copies of the document on résumé quality paper and created a “résumé portfolio” for her to use on job interviews. We also e-mailed Shanay a Microsoft Word copy of her résumé.

Outcomes & Benefits

Shanay visited the MCC in November to share some great news with the Hunt Valley AJC staff. Chick-fil-A was opening a new location in her area and Shanay applied and received a call for an interview. As a result, Shanay received and accepted a full time employment offer and she started her new position in late October with orientation. Additionally, Shanay indicated that securing employment also provided her the opportunity to qualify for Sarah's Hope's Front Door program.

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