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Meet Ethan

Workforce Challenge

Veteran Ethan has had a series of short-term, low-paying positions in a number of industries from retail to security to mail carrier. He has had a lot of difficulty retaining employment and was searching for a more stable career path that will lead to a sustainable income and growth opportunities. Ethan wants to become more independent from his parents. He was most recently working various part time jobs with no benefits earning less than $11 per hour in each position and struggling to get enough hours.

Workforce Solution

Elizabeth Frederick, Career Resource Specialist, provided Basic Career Services for 4 months. She provided and interpreted Careerscope, Onet Interest Profiler, and Traitify assessments to help Ethan identify a career path that aligned with his interests and aptitude. Elizabeth provided him with information about several apprenticeships including the Baltimore Electrical Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee (JATC) Local Union 24 Electrician Apprenticeship. She assisted him in reviewing the information to apply for the apprenticeship and study tools to prepare for the assessment. After a period, it became clear that Ethan was a good candidate for the WIOA program and he was referred to Career Consultant Andrea Fuhrman.

Outcomes & Benefits

Ethan started working as an apprentice through the JATC apprenticeship with Baltimore Freestate Electrical. He is enjoying the work and earning $14.64 with several opportunities for pay increases as he moves further into the program. His classroom courses began this summer. The apprenticeship is already providing greater stability and earnings. Ethan is working with the DORS and WIOA programs to assist him with additional funds for clothing, work boots and tools to ensure program success.

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