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Frederick County Workforce Services

One Job at a Time

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Community Challenge/Problem

The Frederick WORKS! One Job at a Time program is an employer-driven hiring initiative that was launched in early 2012 to address unemployment in Frederick County by encouraging local businesses to create and/or fill new jobs this year and beyond.

Businesses that join this effort are considered to be a part of the "solution" and are publicly recognized for contributing to our local workforce and economy.

Board Solution/Innovation

This initiative represents a collaborative effort to get Frederick County citizens back to work.

Frederick WORKS! One Job at a Time is led by Frederick County Workforce Services and the Frederick County Workforce Development Board, in partnership with the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce, City of Frederick Department of Economic Development, and Frederick County Department of Business Development and Retention. The program is also championed by the Mayor’s Office and the Board of County Commissioners.

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Outcomes & Results

As of December 2012, the initiative has captured over 1,600 jobs created by more than 600 employers. Each job was filled by a Frederick County employer and/or a company that hired a Frederick County resident.

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