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Frederick County Workforce Services

Back-to-Work Week

Community Challenge/Problem

To help connect job seekers with local employment opportunities, FCWS organized a Job Fair in Frederick County last October, in partnership with Frederick Community College and the Frederick News-Post. This was the fourth time our agency collaborated with these local partners to host this employment event. In our experience with the previous job fairs, we found that many attendees were unfortunately not adequately prepared for the opportunity to meet with prospective employers. We wanted to do more to provide participating businesses with the best possible candidates for their respective job openings.

Board Solution/Innovation

In the days leading up to the October Job Fair, FCWS hosted "Back-to-Work Week" at our center - a week-long series of events for job seekers who planned to attend the upcoming Job Fair and/or who wanted to improve their marketability to prospective employers. Events included an employer panel discussion featuring local HR managers, a Resume Review Day, a Mock Interviewing Day, a special presentation about first impressions, a networking class, and a networking event with representatives of the business community.

Outcomes & Results

In a survey sent to Back-to-Work Week participants, an overwhelming majority of respondents (97.6%) indicated that Back-to-Work Week was a beneficial experience. Customer comments included the following:

β€œI had never before attended a job fair. I felt Back-to-Work Week prepared me for the event.”

β€œIt was excellent! I loved the idea of Back-to-Work Week! It sort of helped me kick off my fall job hunting campaign and revitalized me after the hot summer.”

"The employer panel provided relevant, real-world feedback."

"I was introduced to a lot of great interview questions that I wasn't prepared for - but I am now!!"

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