Workforce Innovation Submitted By:
Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation

EARN Maryland

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Community Challenge/Problem

Critical skills gaps exist with Maryland workers, impeding their employment. Training strategies are needed in specific sectors of the economy where data-identified skills gaps are inhibiting economic growth.

Board Solution/Innovation

EARN Maryland is a state-funded, competitive workforce and economic development grant program that is industry-led and regional in focus. It is flexible and innovative, designed to ensure that Maryland employers have the talent they need to compete and grow while providing targeted education and skills training to Maryland workers. Included in this program are both career advancement strategies for incumbent workers and support for individuals with specific barriers to employment. EARN Maryland promotes the prosperity of working families and economic development across the State.

Outcomes & Results

In PY2014, EARN Maryland trained over 1,500 Marylanders. Of the EARN Maryland participants trained for entry level employment, 489, or 77% were placed into employment. As EARN Maryland training is ongoing and not bound by the end of a program year/fiscal year, additional EARN Maryland participants who received training in PY14 are projected to be placed. Therefore, the placement figure stated above is likely to increase. Additionally, 942 incumbent workers received training. Eight hundred and eighty-one, or 93%, received a credential or identifiable skill as a result of training, thus increasing the likelihood for job advancement and earning potential. To ensure that EARN Maryland remains an industry-led program, Grantees are tasked with growing their partnerships. In PY14, the number of employer partners participating in EARN Maryland increased by 113% over PY13, bringing the total of participating employers to 465.

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