Workforce Innovation Submitted By:
Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation

Skills2Compete Maryland

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Community Challenge/Problem

A major advocacy effort is needed to increase post-secondary
participation and completion rates, improve earnings for our
citizens, and communicate to business that the state is preparing
a world class workforce with the skills to improve Maryland’s

Board Solution/Innovation

A highly-skilled workforce is critical to attracting and expanding businesses and creating jobs. With high unemployment
throughout the nation, this is precisely the time to ensure Maryland is training the middle-skill and high-skill workforce that will be critical to economic recovery and long-term economic success. The challenge is that many Marylanders lack the necessary basic education, skills and/or credentials to succeed in the workforce. Despite a strong record of providing post-secondary training, the State continues to experience shortages of middle- and high-skilled workers critical to longterm economic recovery.

Outcomes & Results

Maryland’s economic competitiveness has been increased as well as the number of Marylanders who attain post-secondary credentials. More skilled workers have been produced to meet the growth of middle/high skill jobs and the middle class is growing by providing opportunities for more Marylanders to gain skills, increase earnings and advance in the workplace. These initiatives are all in support of the President’s goal of increasing community college graduation rates and also increasing post-secondary participation to improve the nation’s competitiveness.

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