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“Hi Marc, Just want to thank you again for all your advice and guidance. YOU ARE THE MAN!!! I tell everyone who will listen about your seminars and what I learned from you in such a short period of time. Now my friends and family know you by name and are used to me saying, "Well Marc said...." (LOLOL) I thank God for you and how He ushered you into my life to make such a significant change in such a short period of time.
Most significantly, you taught me that the smallest changes in actions, attitudes, and the way we think can have a huge impact on the outcome of any situation. Being closed-minded really closes the door to opportunity, no matter what the situation is. I had to change the negative thinking hindering my progress. The truth was that my way wasn't achieving the desired results and I had nothing to lose by putting Plan Q into action despite my reservations. The fact that your plan brought such overwhelming success taught me a huge lesson and forced me to assess my own way of thinking and approaching decision-making, as well as how to be receptive to others. It's a lesson I plan to continue to be mindful of as I evolve in my new career and life in general. Also, I work constantly on connecting with others since I now see how significant networking is to securing opportunity in the future. I can clearly see so many missed opportunities in my past that would have been so helpful to me during my unemployment, and I endeavor to never miss those opportunities again. Conversely, I plan to maintain my connections so I can be of assistance to others as well.

Lastly, I GOT THE JOB!!! Of the three offers, I picked my dream job. I am a Clinical Data Manager working with the Military Health System for a federal government contractor. Through my research, your advice, and online references, I even managed to secure an additional $5,000 in yearly salary. I am excited, and I want you to know how grateful I am to have been served by your ministry. You are awesome; and I will continue to pray God's blessings over you, your family, and your continued success in serving the community.”

Andrea Williams-Early Intervention Success

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