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“Mobern Lighting Company has been a venerable manufacturer of energy efficient lighting products throughout the state of Maryland and Mid-Atlantic region since 1944. It has been located in the Baltimore-Washington industrial corridor along Route 1 in Laurel since 1957. Mobern currently occupies a 140,000 square foot manufacturing/assembly and warehouse facility. Since 2008, Mobern has experienced significant sales and production growth thereby increasing its full-time workforce from 37 to over 100, all of whom reside in the state of Maryland. During this period, Mobern utilized Maryland's Workforce Exchange Virtual One Stop (MWE-VOS) as a source of new hires for its rapidly growing staff. The Exchange has provided Mobern with many qualified "low tech" assembly, administrative and warehouse position candidates to choose from. The Exchange staff have been extremely easy to work with and have helped Mobern narrow position-search criteria. Mobern will be moving to a new state-of-the-art facility within the Corridor next month at which time new job openings will be created and posted to the on-line Exchange.

~Bob Claire, General Manager, Mobern Lighting

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