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Meet Dawn

“The OJT program creates win-win solution – which is what FM Talent Source is all about….In 2011 we utilized the OJT program to add an account manager to our team. The program allowed us to hire someone we wouldn't have ordinarily considered because of the lack of industry experience; however, through the OJT program we were able to take someone with core account management skills and train her in the specific skill areas she lacked for our business. Because of the risks involved in hiring someone that didn't possess the previous experience for the role, the OJT program allowed us the time to train and assess her performance “on the job” before making the full commitment to hire. In our situation, this program worked out perfectly and we hired our OJT resource as a full time Account Manager, which she is still in today. She is continuing to grow in business/industry knowledge and I constantly receive positive feedback from clients about her performance.

I am definitely an advocate for the OJT program, they have put together a creative solution that incentives organizations to think outside-the-box and consider people they wouldn’t ordinarily deem the right fit. If you are able to obtain a resource that has good core skills, has a desire to learn, and has drive and determination, the rest will be history…”

~ Dawn Hendricks, FM Talent Source

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