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Thank you very much for your fast and efficient employment services. After having an awful time dealing with the fact I had no employment or reliable transportation, it was refreshing to deal with Mr. [Kimble] Lee who actually understood and had solutions to my problems. The services Mr. Lee provided was fantastic and exactly what I needed. [On July 2, 2013], I met with [him] after a long period of unemployment. Within two months not only had Mr. Lee help me gain employment from a local security company, but he also provided me with transportation through an organization called Second Chance Garage. There were many challenges along the way. After Mr. Lee referred me to the employer, he also coordinated with the local American Legion to procure transportation for me to attend my interview. After gaining the position, I was told that the process to procure a vehicle from Second Chance Garage would take several weeks. Mr. Lee ensured I was able to receive bus passes to provide transportation to and from my new work site. By September 18, 2013, not only am I employed full-time, but I also have my own vehicle. I am so grateful I can put that awful experience behind me.

Mr. Lee’s service is positively spectacular. To all veterans, [I]highly recommend they move forward with finding employment [utilizing] services provided from Frederick County Workforce Services.

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