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Annapolis One-Stop Career Center

Meet Marva...

"It is with gratitude and appreciation that I pen this correspondence as a testament to the outstanding service I received at the One Stop Career Center in Annapolis.
In July 2013, after five years of working with the company, I found myself in the HR Department being told, "yesterday was your last day of work with us." The thought of not being able to pay for basic needs was devastating.

From my first day of job search, MWE registration and many struggles in between, Ms. T. Johnson-Spratley has been stellar. Her professionalism, sincerity, and words of encouragement have given me hope on some of the difficult days through this experience.

Thank you and DLLR for placing quality, caring, and genuine people in our community to guide, encourage, and direct the unemployed in their search for gainful employment and return to self-sufficiency." ~ Marva

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