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Dear Suja:

This email is to describe to you what it is like to be jobless at 79 and what your training has meant to me.

The second time 40 top people were terminated including the vice president's son. The last time the engineer who hired me left for another position and the personnel in the Utilities and Infrastructure group were assigned either the structural division or the transportation division. I was assigned to the transportation division and brought with me the Uplands conduit and lighting project and the Hawkins Point main electrical distribution, lighting system, signalization, and maintenance of t raffic. Within a few months those projects were completed and I was on overhead. It doesn't take very long for the powers-that-be to recognize that is a non-starter when there is no projects coming down the line for an engineer with my capabilities. Unemployed again.

Fortunately, there was the the Columbia Work Force Center to turn to. This is where I met you and was involved i your training. I participated in your Early Intervention / seminar, CAPS/COPS/COPES, Resume writing, Networking for Job Seekers, and Social Media for Job Seekers. These were stressful times for all attendees and you brought a warmth to your present ions that made us all relax and pay attention to the the materials being offered' It was evident that you had researched the subjects thoroughly and presented them in a manner that we could all understand.
The one thing I could not wrap my brain around was the Linkedin media When I asked for some help you volunteered 21/2.hours to help me construct it and provided excellent commentary on how it should be presented. Initially, I requested my closest friends and co-workers to join me but s time went on, people just started asking to join me. I believe the count is now 93 and growing.

It has been a long haul but you stuck with me and I recently got a job offer from Brudis and Associates, an award winning consulting firm. I am happy to share their letter with you. They have been in the transportation and signalization business since 1992. They are growing rapidly and see the value of utilities and infrastructure and a structured Q/A and Q/C system. They also see the value of having someone on staff to help make sure the growth doesn't go off the track. If I was asked to write a job description I couldn't have done better. A real plus is that they re within a 10 minute drive from my house.

On item I took to the second interview was a list of questions. It contains most of the questions I should have asked several other firms that went belly up. Please use it as you see fit and edit it to suit your purposes. I fee that this was the tipping point. hope your leg is coming along nicely. I have been there and know the frustration of not being able to do things you would like to. Please keep i n touch if there is anything I can do for you.

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