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Carroll County Business & Employment Resource Center

Meet Jane...

Jane attended most of the job workshops held at the Carroll County Business and Employment Resource Center taught by Kathy. In these workshops Kathy shared her personal experience related to her own job search. The events leading up to her being hired by the State of Maryland began with an unexpected encounter with her future boss. After unexpectedly meeting her future boss, her job search went from a long shot to a bull’s-eye within three days.

In the workshops Kathy teaches based on her experiences and bases her workshops off of several principals. One of which is that, "you never know": 1)when you will meet someone; 2)who could hire or help you get hired; 3)where you’ll be when it happens; 4)and how fast events and circumstances can change in your favor. Kathy also teaches her student important topics such as networking vs. the internet method and what she believes is the four most important words in a job search: GET OUTTA THE HOUSE.

Jane was an enthusiastic participant in all of these workshops. Kathy assisted her in revising her resume, which helped jump start her job search. Utilizing the resources at the Carroll County Business and Employment Resource Center and the workshops held by Kathy, Jane was able to find a job and get hired!

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