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Montgomery County Workforce Investment Board

Meet Carl...

Dear Ms. Ebel,

I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for the exemplary service provide by Carl Edgecombe, Early Intervention Coordinator in your Wheaton, Maryland office. So often only complaints are forwarded about those in public service and the bureaucracies in which they work. To commend Carl Edgecombe for his comprehensive customer-care and marked employment development expertise is a distinct privilege.

I encountered Carl a few months ago when attending a MontgomeryWorks customer orientation. Not only was Carl an engaging presenter, he provided precise information and real-world application of MontgomeryWorks services and how to initiate and maintain a job search. What impressed me was that Carl was also particularly adept at addressing the underlying apprehension and concerns that jobseekers face and was able to provide both encouragement and empowerment to all who were in attendance.

Because of his outstanding presentation, I made an appointment for a personal consultation with him. Having been out of work for quite some time, being of mature age, and considering a career shift, I was feeling very overwhelmed. Carl’s assuring and pragmatic demeanor helped calm me and allowed me to focus. From our first meeting, we got much accomplished. I left his office with an executable plan consisting of immediate, short-term, and long-term strategies. However, the added-value was Carl’s holistic purview. In our planning was the consideration of my well-being as a whole person—considerations of personal career fulfillment, work-life balance, and the self-care needed to manage the many day-to-day challenges involved in a job search. Consequently, I not only left Carl’s office with plans, but with my spirits significantly lifted. In subsequent meetings, in-person and via phone, I was able to stay on task and refine my goals. I am pleased to say that within a few weeks I was able to secure employment with the use of Carl’s guidance and suggestions.

My encounter with Carl has helped revive my trust that those in public service do indeed care and can be extraordinarily accomplished. Carl truly embodies the MontgomeryWorks’ mission. It is my hope that more public servants like Carl be placed in positions of leadership and influence where others can learn and apply the model of employment development and customer-care that was provided to me.

Dorene L.

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