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Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation

Meet Kimberly

Never doubt that there are incredible, caring people in this world. I have just learned that one of our very green but amazingly eager, enthusiastic, and driven apprentice candidates will receive a job with a local employer. But of course, that's the business so that is not the incredible part. Turns out, this candidate was homeless for several years and did not graduate high school until late in life, which is in large part why he lacks many computer skills. Yet somehow, this young man's spirit was far more powerful than his circumstances. He was described by the employer who interviewed him as "a ray of light", and I can surely say that light has already warmed my heart. Even better, the employer ready to give him a chance is also going to give him a laptop tomorrow - quite a prized possession for the young man and certainly the start of a bright future.
--My heart is full. May yours be as well.

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