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Meet Zen

Dear all:

I like to thank you for your support during my time of job acquisition. I am flying to Seattle tomorrow to take a new job starting next Monday. It is a job in nuclear engineering R&D field – the best I can hope for. Your support plays a critical role in my search.

I learned a lot of job acquisition skill from all of you. Above all, I learned the right mind set – keep moving forwards and have courage. Be Still and have patience.

It has been 34 years ago I brought with me from Taiwan two pieces of luggage to start a new life in America. Tomorrow, I am also bringing with me two pieces of luggage to start a new life - a new chapter of my family life. This time around, we are going from the America East to the America West. I feel young again.

Again, thank you for your support. Please continue to care for so many people who need your support.

Best Regards


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