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"I was very upset with the layoff at my last position and was really having a hard time finding motivation in applying to everything I could see. I really felt very depressed. I had a comfy salary there, a great title, I was producing television for Discovery Communications! I felt like I had it all. It was really a crushing feeling to lose my job after feeling like I was just soaring. I was so opposed to government assistance in any way. I thought unemployment benefits were a cop-out and felt guilty for not finding a job right away after my lay-off. I honestly wish that I had been scheduled for the mandatory ROW workshop much sooner after losing my job. It really gave me the boost I needed to stay positive. I'm so grateful that the workshop is mandatory.

I really took your words to heart in regards to changing up my resume and cover letter to each job I applied for and the results were almost immediate. I also modeled my resume to look much more like your own and again, here I am at my desk writing a response. I would have scheduled some resume review time with you or one of your colleagues, but fortunately with a few tweaks here and there, I got 2 phone calls the following week.The service that is provided by ROW is truly remarkable. I have always approached job seeking as a daunting experience. I rarely had confidence in a job interview before the workshop, but being in a room with other people of every age, all sharing the commonality of just feeling kind of crappy, really put things into perspective for me. Unemployment is only a transition and it's important to remain positive and active. If I hadn't been re-employed soon after the workshop I would absolutely have sought out the Pell grant funding that was mentioned. I can't believe that money is just right there waiting for anyone to use. I was telling my fiancee about the grant and she is planning on attending the next ROW to get more information. She is currently employed, has been with the same company for years, but she doesn't feel like she has the necessary skills to advance or possibly transition out in order to upgrade her salary. I gave her my folder containing all of the information I got from the workshop as well as my notes and she is really excited at the prospect of additional school/training."


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