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“I entered GRACE with some trials and tribulations:
I am an Ex-Offender. I had demands for
child support payments that I could not meet. I
was experiencing homelessness, recovering from
drug addiction, stuck in a low paying job and then
experienced having no job at all. While trying to
address all of these challenges, I applied to and
got accepted into GRACE and then had the costs
of my training paid for by a DLLR grant — a Godsend.
GRACE offered me the opportunity to pursue
a career, and gave me the training, encouragement,
reassurance, and hope I really, really needed.
I am now prepared to use the knowledge I
have acquired at GRACE to benefit my new Employer
and my family. Yes, now I am employed full
time in the electrical construction industry. I still
can’t believe my new reality. My insecurities have
been replaced with feeling qualified, confident
and most importantly, wanted. Thanks to the efforts
of the partnership that exists between
GRACE, the DLLR, and the IEC Chesapeake, Inc.,
and the investment they made in me, I now have a
career in the electrical construction industry."

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