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My name is Michael. I am a Prince George's County resident. I am compelled to acknowledge the experience I had on 01/29/2019 at the [Prince George’s American Job Center] at [the] 1801 McCormick Drive, Largo, location. I was released from a contract on 12/3/2018. On that day, I applied for unemployment benefits in the state of Maryland. I had an issue where Maryland unemployment informed me that they were requesting alternative wages from Washington D.C. to be added to the employment benefits allotted from my previous employer, which was a contract for the government of Prince George’s Co. The D.C. office stated they do not see a request for wages to be transferred and had no record of any request, yet MD Unemployment stated that they request those wages on 2/16/2019. After three call center reps of MD Unemployment validated that the IB4 request was made, I was told by D.C. unemployment that I need to go to a Maryland DLLR [American Job Center] to get assistance because they were not seeing the request. She gave me the McCormick Drive location. Unknown to me, there is no walk-in facility for unemployment benefits. I entered the Workforce facility and [began] explaining my issue to the receptionist at the front desk, [who] informed that there is no customer center for MD Unemployment and directed me to a form with an email address. I left the facility stating no one is willing to help me. I have spent hours, just to be answered by a rep from the benefits office and I expressed my frustration and hurt to the receptionist. To make a long story short, my issue was overheard by Ms. Clark from her work environment. Upon leaving out the door, Ms. Clark went beyond her call of duty and came to me outside the door and stated that she heard my issue ('cry')and invited me in to her environment to share my issue with her. She listened to me and assisted me beyond what her duties where to get someone that could help me with my issue. She exhibited a sense of caring and concern that was impeccable. She used her experience and contacts and was able to connect me with someone that could directly assist me with my issue. For me, that is a high level of customer service and caring about the people that enter that building. She was kind, patient, professional, and caring...TO ME IF THAT IS NOT IN THE MISSION STATEMENT IT NEEDS TO BE ADDED WITH HER PHOTO AND HER SMILE NEXT TO IT. I had to submit this after the service and experience with her. It was a memorable one and it made me feel that someone did care about me getting my benefits. What a wonderful feeling that was. I commend her and wanted her to be recognized for this experience. To me it is a template of what Maryland Government and employees should be all about.

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